"After using the Whiz Freedom for at least more than a month, I find that it is useful especially when I go to places which toilets are dirty."
"Seriously, I am glad that I bring the whiz freedom and it does really help me in relieving myself if not another toilet will be quite a distance."
- from the Restroom Association Singapore (RAS)

"the Whiz is a work of genius! Although it felt a little odd at first, it worked like a dream. Really life-changing. I don't think I'll leave home without it now!"
"I still love my Whiz Freedom and now they are available in Singapore, I will tell all of my friends"
- DG, Singapore user after 3 month of using Whiz Freedom

It is massively inconvenient and unhygienic for any woman, old or young, highly active or partially/permanently mobility impaired, not to get to a toilet in time. And if you do then you don't want to sit on an unsanitary public toilet. There are other times when one is not available or when you simply need to go. For these occasions when nature calls just use the highly hygienic and easy to use Whiz freedom.

The Whiz freedom is antibacterial, hydrophobic and highly portable. Cleverly made, it will fold up when put in your pocket and spring back into shape when you need it. Because it is hydrophobic it can be flicked dry (no need to rinse it each time) and the antibacterial properties of the material from which it is made allow the device to be re-used over and over with no degradation in its hygienic properties.

The freedom is a soft and gentle, ingenious device and it allows women of all ages to wee in a standing up, sitting down or lying position without undressing. The freedom means no more waiting, squatting holding on or hiding. Called a urine guide (also referred to as urine disposer or portable loo) its carefully (and cleverly) designed highly flexible lily shape fits comfortably the outer curves of the human body and is externally held against the groin. Once you start, nature and gravity do the rest.
Note: Urine is sterile when it exits the body and poses no health hazard to the user

Urine is directed away from the body so there are no flowbacks, splashes or spills, you don't even have to remove outer or under clothing. CE marked, FDA approved, and medically approved, the Whiz freedom preserves Dignity and Liberty whatever the circumstances. It gives women the choice to wee wherever and whenever they choose.

Aside from allowing women to wee in a standing up, sitting down or lying position, the Whiz freedom can be used in confined spaces such as while in a wheelchair or a car, or when you are in crutches or using a zimmer frame or in a glider (you are up there for many hours) or underground exploring caves.

Every girl and woman can use the freedom at anytime and anywhere. From the Military to the Cultural, from the medical to the recreational, from those below ground to those above ground - the Whiz freedom has been used in every situation.
Product Features
High Quality: leak free and made from medical grade thermo plastic elastomer.
Hygienic: impregnated with anti bacterial and anti fungal and anti microbial agents. Self-cleansing: Being hydrophobic,it repels all liquid. With one flick, it cleans & dry - the ultimate reusable hygienic product
Proven: Lily shape clinically tested by over 1400 women, now used by tens of thousands of women around the world
Approved: CE marked, FDA approved and available in the UK.
Dependable: will not overflow, leak or cause splash back.
Discreet: easily folds into a pocket or handbag.
Reassuring: preserves freedom and dignity.
Reusable - ecofriendly & value for money
Suitable even for young females as young as 8 years old
Remember, some unhygienic public toilets - whether sitting or hovering - are breeders of germs, and aerosol contamination, so your Whiz Freedom is a far cleaner option! Especially for women

Whiz freedom is available at the following Singapore outlets:

  • Selected Guardian Health & Beauty stores notably at Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre, Gleneagles Medical Centre, Vivo City
  • Outdoor Life stores at Wheelock Place Orchard & Novena Square
    * Whiz freedom is a registered trademark and is patent protected
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