Can RecoveryRx be applied over dressings or bandages?

How do you affix the device?
A simple medical grade tape will do

What really activates the RecoveryRx?
The microchip uses a low 3v battery.


Whiz freedom

What can Whiz freedom do for me ?
The Whiz can give you freedom and restore dignity - it can make your life less stressful and reduce the control your bladder has over your life.
NO MORE mis-directed urine, damp clothes and spattered shoes.
NO MORE dealing with dirty, over-flowing public toilets (and all the health risks associated with aerosol contamination).
NO MORE lengthy queuing.
NO MORE having to hold on until you find a service station.
NO MORE confining to areas close to a restaurant.
NO MORE squatting
NO MORE embarrassment when you didn't quite reach the toilet.
NO MORE removing clothing outdoors in all weathers.
NO MORE returning late to the second half of a play, concert or musical.
NO MORE suffering under the demands of your bladder.
Just Whiz away - anyplace, anywhere, anytime!
Furthermore with our optional extension tube, (or even without, if you practice) for those tricky cramped public spots (traffic jams, concerts, to name a few), you can direct your urine into a bottle, collecting device or even a standard drainage bag, so you can literally 'go' anywhere, at anytime.

Is the Whiz freedomĀ  re-usable?
The freedom has been designed to be eco-friendly and is therefore re-usable.
There is no need to find a rubbish bin once used, nor pollute the environment by throwing them away or be forced to carry a number in your bag if you are going on a long journey.
Just use your freedom, quickly shake it (and its dry) and then pop it into the plastic bag in which it comes or into one of the specially designed Whiz accessory bags. It is ready for re-use immediately.

Why not two types of Whiz freedom Urine Directors - disposable and re-usable
Practical considerations of blocking WC's, of having the ability to go frequently, of not running out of disposable ones, of space, ie not having a large pack of disposable ones but quick and easy access to the director and many other considerations all led us in this direction. No one really wants to soil the planet with discarded disposable single use urine soaked cardboard items. The challenge therefore was to make it as soft as possible, hygienic and re-useable to meet all the possible concerns of the user. The Whiz freedom can be folded, is completely safe for single user as its antibacterial and anti microbial and hydrophobic. It is of assistance to the user, and solves a problem but does not pass on this problem or create a new problem for someone else.

How big is the Whiz freedom?
The Whiz is small and can be popped in a pocket or handbag. It is a little over 15cms long (just under 6ins) and at its widest is 9.5cms (3.75ins).
It can be folded to half the size or rolled as a temporary solution since the medical grade plastic used is flexible.
When delivered it comes in a plastic, re-sealable bag but more attractive Whiz set with bag can be ordered.



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