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1) How fast S-CUT easily cut open a motorcycle suit

2) Publication on the American Journal of Emergency Medicine (2010) where
S-CUT was associated with a marked reduction in procedure time to expose the chest in Cardiac Arrest as compared with scissors

3)Easy Maintenance of S-CUT

*Study performed by the Trauma Centre, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden 2009- 01-23



S-CUT is the Revolutionary New Cutting tool for all kinds of Emergencies & Rescue Services. It will cut through clothing, denim, fabrics, leather belts, leather boots, heavy outerwear, and free the patient…. fast !!!. In medical emergencies or rescue situations, S-CUT enables the user to free patients or accident victims faster than ever before. Avoid causing unnecessary pain, discomfort or further injury since S-CUT allows the user to work without moving the patient, thus reducing possible further injuries.

Why is S-CUT important? Because Time is of the essence and Time waits for No One…. It used to be that the “golden hour” was a well known term used in emergencies and accident situations, meaning the injured have a greater chance of survival if they get proper treatment within the first hour. Acute care has even taken a step further by describing the first 10 minutes as the “Platinum Ten Minutes”.
Speed of treatment is an even more critical factor in cases of cardiac arrest, where medical staff thinks in terms of minutes rather than hours. Quoting from a publication in the International Journal of Disaster medicine,

“A single minute gained can contribute significantly to a patient’s chance of survival.”

S-CUT literally cuts in seconds!!! 

In a 2009 study* on acute trauma situations, on average, a full examination could be initiated 77% faster using S-CUT as opposed to scissors. Staff in the research group also found S-CUT more efficient and pleasant to work with, since no brute force was needed, even when cutting coarse or wet fabrics.

S-CUT saves valuable time.


• Cuts through tough Fabric, jackets, trouser belts, safety belts, zippers, denim jeans , lab-coats, leather boots,  heavy outerwear as well as ordinary fabrics & uniforms

• Safe for user and the patient/injured without moving the latter

• No need for Brute force as it is designed for use by all kinds of medical and rescue personnel, regardless of their gender or how strong they are

• With or without gloves. Since gloves are worn by all kinds of front-line workers, it’s a major advantage that S-CUT is easy to use even while wearing gloves

• Left or Right handed makes no difference as it is designed with best ergonomics and excellent grip

• Easy maintenance & cleaning

We welcome enquiries on the role of S-CUT in emergencies, ambulances, accidents, Fire & Rescue, workplace accidents, industrial contamination, hazardous chemical spillage, CPR, First Responders, field Medics, or even in the Military & Police field, Evacuation & Disaster Relief Efforts.

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